AFL Live Gets Game of The Year Edition
By scoot On 5 Jun, 2012 At 07:03 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comments

Tru Blu Games will be releasing a special Game of the Year edition for AFL Live. Now i always thought Game of the Year editions required the game to actually win a Game of the Year award, but for all i know it won some obscure GotY award from somewhere, and it’s not like they’re using that fact in the way Batman: Arkham City is, so i’ll let it fly.

Essentially the GotY edition is an update to the original AFL Live, but if you already own the first AFL Live, you can just grab a DLC pack which updates the original with the same content. AFL Live Game of the Year edition includes all the cool footbally stuff the original game had, as well as updated rosters, Skoda Stadium, and the ability to play as the Greater Western Sydney Giants.

The GotY edition will also mark the games release onto PC. AFL Live GotY will be released on July 12 (or June 6th for the DLC version) and retail for $89.95 on consoles and $69.95 on PC, so make sure to pick yourself up a copy of one of the best games 2011 had to offer (lol!)

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